Do Pre-marital Classes Really Work

Most people spend more time studying for their driver’s license than they do preparing for a life-time marriage.

Does a taking a pre-marital or marriage course help your marriage and decrease your liklihood of getting divorced?

Check out this interesting study:

Premarital education could cut divorce rate, survey finds” Premarital education “is associated with higher levels of marital satisfaction, lower levels of destructive conflicts and higher levels of interpersonal commitment to spouses,” says the study, published this spring in the Journal of Family Psychology.Based on a random phone survey of 3,344 adults in four states, it says couples who received premarital education had a 31% lower chance of divorce. The number of hours spent in premarital programs ranged from as little as a few hours to 20 hours.

A pre-marital class can help your marriage with the following things:  It can help you develop a deep love in your relationship or re-kindle the love you once had, learn practical conflict resolution skills, discover effective communication, learn about different personality types, see how gender differences affect the relationship, gain an understanding of how your partner views romance, discover effective parenting tools, and learn how to love each other in a way your partner can really hear! For more information check out “Magical Marriage in 21 Days” at

Did you know some statistics say one out of four relationships experience domestic violence.  It is important to set your relationship on a firm foundation before moving forward.